Taking a break from the city

Quite literally the best of both worlds but it’s time for me to take a break from the city and get stuck in countryside life for a while, evaluate my options and head back out again.


How To: Keep your hair healthy

Sometimes a busy lifestyle can leave you distracted from the general upkeep of your hair, and while it probably shouldn’t be your first priority it definitely shouldn’t be your last.

If you want a recipe for the best summer fruit smoothie in town, look no further. Lifestyle 12 months ago

Summer fruit smoothie

Smoothies are a fantastic, and delicious, way to re-energise in the summer time. One of the most refreshing of beverages, a smoothie has the ability to fuel your morning and help you to get your day started off right.

4 Lifestyle 12 months ago

Healthy green juice

Sporting a bottle of green juice has become the latest trend on social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. Of all the trends, this one promotes health and fitness and is in fact very good for your diet and nutrition.

1.1 Beauty 12 months ago

Smoothing out your skin issues

So cue the round of applause, I've changed my ways and after only 6 days, the improvement to my skin is astonishing.



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